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Peter receives care at home

Day to day tasks that many of us take for granted – like getting dressed, using the toilet, making a meal, or getting to the shops – can be almost impossible for many older people without help. Older people should be able to live well, not just survive, and the right care and support can help them do this.

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Right now, more than 1 million older people are left to struggle by each day without any support. And this number is growing all the time.

This is a silent disgrace that is being repeated up and down the country, in each town and city, on every street.

Ferocious cuts to funding for care at home mean that many older people are sacrificing their dignity because they can’t get the support they need.

This is because unlike your GP or local hospital, services to help people stay safe and independent at home are mainly arranged by local councils, whose budgets have been severely cut.

Spending on services like home carers, meals on wheels, and day care has dropped by more than £1 billion in the last five years.

This is having a huge knock-on effect on the NHS, where each year £669m is being spent because older people are finding themselves trapped in hospital for days or even weeks, despite being well enough to leave, simply because there isn’t support available for them in their community.

The numbers don’t add up. And with an ageing population the problem will only get worse unless we, all of us, act to change things.

We need your help

The government is about to decide how much money will be spent on care over the next five years.

This is our chance to make sure there is enough funding for vital services, so that the millions of older people who need care get the help they deserve.

Make this a priority for the Chancellor, George Osborne.

Sign our Don't Cut Care petition

Know someone who’s not online who’d like to sign this petition?

You can print off the following petition document and pass it across to anyone you know who’s not online who’d like to sign this petition.

Download the petition:

Don't Cut Care (PDF, 488KB)

Once you’ve obtained your signatures, you can post the document to us (by 31 October 2015) at:

Freepost RLYS-JYZA-XACB, Age UK, The Data Solution Centre, Manton Wood Enterprise Park, Worksop, S80 2RT


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