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Delivery of the care in crisis petition: Photo: Sam Mellish

'When my funding runs out, I do not know where I will turn. I don’t want to die a pauper … I want an honest, fair and just deal, and that is something none of us receive.' David, 76, pictured centre, above.

Take action today

It will take just a few minutes to send a message to your MP to highlight the importance of the Care Bill. The more messages that are sent, the more MPs will understand the impact of a failing care system and take action to end the care crisis once and for all.

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We need your care stories

We need to make the Government understand that reform of the social care system is urgently needed. But to do that, we need more stories like David’s above that show the extent of the crisis some people have to face.

If you, or a loved one have your own story about the care system you're happy to share, please get in touch. Every care story is important, but we're particularly interested in people who have:

  • had to sell their home to fund their care
  • had their care funded by their Local Authority, but then moved house to live under a new Local Authority and lost the level of funding they received previously
  • been assessed at one level of need (for example, critical, substantial, moderate, etc.), then moved house and been assessed differently and therefore lost out on funding and support.
  • experienced poor quality care in their own home or in a residential home
  • been assessed, and judged to not need help, when the person concerned and those close to them believe they do need extra support.
  • had to become a carer for a loved one

For an informal chat, get in touch by writing, emailing or phoning us. All stories will be treated sensitively and your story will never be used without your prior consent.

You can write to:

Age UK Campaigns
2nd Floor Tavis House
1 – 6 Tavistock Square

Alternatively, email or call 020 303 31712.

What is 'social care'?

Social care supports people with care and support needs that arise from age or disability to retain or recover their independence. Social care can include:

  • ‘care’ services such as residential or domiciliary care and day centres,
  • help which people buy with their own money or with personal budgets from the local authority,
  • or support from family carers, neighbours or community groups.

Social care should enable people to live with dignity, maintain a good quality of life, help people to remain independent, stay active and protect them in situations where they are vulnerable.

Our campaign so far

After months of campaigning, including more than 130,000 people signing the Care in Crisis petition, the Government have published their White Paper, detailing its plans to reform the social care system.

We are encouraged by the Government's proposals, which include an end to the postcode lottery in what care services older people receive, increased access to services for older people and their carers, and a commitment to cap the costs of care. However, no decision was made on how to fund the system.

If you need some inspiration, why not listen to Marian's story? She wanted the care and support her father received to enable him to live safely and with self-respect:

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    Age UK is working with Gransnet - the online forum for older people - to help you find others to chat to and swap advice and stories.

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